Flexible Payment Processing for Cannabis Seeds Merchants

Struggling to grow your business due to payment processing issues? Cannabis seeds merchants face various challenges, from process friction and account stability to regulatory issues and risk factors. Fibonatix offers flexible payment processing for cannabis seeds merchants to meet your needs and risk appetite. We know the industry and have the tools and expertise to support and grow your business.

Cannabis seeds payment solutions

Why choose Fibonatix’s payment processing services?

PCI-DSS certified and tokenisation enabled

As a PCI-DSS-certified payment service provider, we enable tokenisation for cannabis seeds payment processing, preventing the exploitation of sensitive data and facilitating real-time transaction billing by securely substituting your customers' payment details into tokens.

Seamless recurring billing solutions

Fibonatix’s sophisticated recurring billing solutions allow you to suspend, cancel and renew transactions as needed via API or customised buttons in any chosen time period. So, you can maximise your renewal opportunities and prevent any costly revenue leakage.

Customisable payment gateway and transaction tracking

Our user-friendly payment gateway system enables your business to view transaction status in real-time, customise permissions and functionality based on different needs across your organisation, and predict and analyse future transactions and income.

Bespoke payment solutions to empower your cannabis seeds business

Fibonatix combines a modern billing system with bespoke payment solutions. From offering a high approval ratio and seamless recurring billing to automated and customisable rebill functionality, our services and know-how help cannabis seeds businesses to overcome key payment hurdles and optimise conversions and revenue recovery.

We’re more than just a payment technology provider. We empower businesses to succeed with cutting-edge payment processing tools, deep knowledge and highly-responsive support.

Advanced risk management to ease your payments headaches

In the cannabis seeds industry, there are many regulatory requirements and obstacles to overcome to enable smooth payment processing. Fibonatix has the tools and expertise to ease the the burden of compliance and help mitigate risks and factors that hinder your growth and success. We can provide the account stability and risk appetite you need, whilst supporting you with advanced risk management solutions.

Increasing account stability

Fibonatix's risk management experts reduce payment risks and identity potential fraudulent activity, ensuring your payment processing account is secure and stable. Our regulatory knowledge ensures you maintain compliance with payment rules and cannabis industry regulations.

High approval ratio and risk appetite

Our advanced payment monitoring system delivers a high approval ratio, and we can meet your company's risk appetite. Plus, our seamless recurring billing tools ensure you don't miss out on renewal opportunities or price adjustments – therefore, no revenue leakage.

Chargeback risk reduction

Fibonatix offers PCI-DSS compliant payment solutions, and we’re 3D-Secure V2 authorised. Our payment gateway can support large volumes of transactions and our advanced risk management and chargeback prevention tools minimise risks by more than 50%.

What our customers say?

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