Payment Gateway Checklist for Covid Tests Providers

October 20, 2021

For Covid-19 test providers, selecting a suitable payment gateway is vital. In a highly changeable industry, which is subject to more scrutiny, restrictions and regulations than most other sectors, you need to work with the right provider and find a payment gateway that meets your unique needs.

When seeking a payment gateway or looking for a new provider, you need a considered and measured approach, taking into account all the key factors. And it’s crucial to do extensive research and ask the right questions of prospective providers (and your own business).

It’s difficult to know where to start, right? Well, to help you get started and support your search we’ve created this Payment Gateway Checklist for Covid Test Providers. We outline the key considerations and the main factors involved in the payment gateway selection process, including the criteria you need for assessing different payment gateway options.

With this handy checklist, the process will be significantly less of a headache. It will focus your efforts and help you to better understand and define your needs.

Quick recap on what you can expect from our payment gateway checklist:

  • Key challenges that merchants face when it comes to online payments
  • Top considerations for selecting a suitable payment gateway for your business
  • The main focus areas for a successful payment gateway selection process