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Zawsze szukamy ludzi obdarzonych doświadczeniem, koncentracją i determinacją, które są niezbędne do realizacji naszych ambitnych planów. Jeśli charakteryzuje Cię perfekcja, zaangażowanie, entuzjazm i determinacja do osiągnięcia sukcesu i rozwoju kariery, to zapraszamy do kontaktu.

Poniżej znajduje się lista naszych aktualnych ofert pracy. Zawsze szukamy utalentowanych osób, więc zachęcamy do wysłania spekulatywnego CV na przyszłe stanowiska na careers@fibonatix.com.

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  • A global fintech company specialising in payment solutions, located in Petach-Tikva, is looking for a talented graphic designer with experience in both UX/UI and B2B marketing designing. 

    Job description: 

    -Develop and execute creative concepts for online and offline marketing materials, such as banners, designing booths, brochures, web pages, newsletters, presentations, etc. 

    -Conceptualize, present, and execute ideas within a tight schedule. 

    -Lead internal UX/UI processes with a CX orientation and execute them. 

    -Convert product briefs into wireframes and design assets for web platforms (Desktop/iOS/Android). 

    -Assure the quality and aesthetics of all design aspects. 


    -Strong graphic design skills, from concept art to production. 

    -At least 1-year experience in creating online and offline B2B marketing material.  

    -At least 1-year experience as an end-to-end UX and UI product designer. 

    -Understanding of characterization processes and ability to lead them internally.  

    -Creativity and ability to think outside of the box. 

    -Multi-tasking capabilities; working on several projects simultaneously. 

    -Strong portfolio that showcases your talent. 

    -Experience in designing finance UI / Backoffice software – an advantage 

    -Extensive mastery of Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch.

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    • The Underwriting Team Leader is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of a team of underwriters including quality control and review, enhanced due diligence checks, workload control, task management, and more.

      Main Responsibilities

      *Team management including assigning tasks, employee review, etc.

      *Quality control on the work of the underwriters including assisting in difficult/complex cases.

      *Performing EDD checks on applications.

      *Maintaining contact with partners as well as internal stakeholders and facilitating in achieving a favorable outcome for applications.

      *Tracking the status of ongoing applications and creating scheduled reports to reflect all open cases and their status.

      Required Skills

      *High level English skills including the ability to express yourself both in writing as well as face-to-face.

      *At least 2 years of previous underwriting experience.

      *Previous experience in managing a small team.

      *Previous experience in the field of payments and/or financial services providers.

      Required Character Traits

      *Attention to details.

      *Clear written communication.

      *Ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines.

      *Ability to work under pressure.

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        • The Junior Excel Specialist is tasked on Analyzing, on a weekly basis, financial activities of our clients to ensure correct and timely settlements.
        • Preparing financial statements to maintain cash controls of the merchants.
        • Preparing payment documents and monitoring clients processing and payments.

             Required Skills

        • Microsoft Office Suite proficient: Outlook (B), Word (B), PowerPoint (B), Excel (C).
        • Strong analytical skills with an attention to details.
        • An ability to work independently and with minimal guidance.

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        • The Technology Support Specialist is a full-time position Monday- Friday, reporting to the CTO. He provides technical support to our clients, as well as various internal functions such as Account Management and Sales.


          • Configuring new clients on various internal systems.
          • Assisting technical integration efforts for clients.
          • Changing settings and configurations according to various needs and requirements from both internal and external parties.
          • Providing support for internal departments  and helping to debug various bugs/issues.


          • Basic knowledge in Server-Side technology (preferably .NET).
          • Good understanding of the concept of API.
          • Good understanding of the concept of HTTP Requests (POST/GET).
          • Proficiency in Markup Language (xml, Json).
          • Microsoft Office Suite proficient: Outlook ,Word , PowerPoint and Excel.
          • Linguistic Competence: English.
          • Good time management and organization skills including the ability to prioritize
          • QA experience/background an advantage

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          • A senior management position reporting directly to the CEO. The Teams’ leader primary job is to make sure the company’s technology strategy, resources and assets serve its business strategy and goals.

            Main responsibilities:

            *Selecting, designing, and implementing technological tools/platforms and or software needed to support business operations including evaluating new technology and making recommendations for possible solutions.

            *Supervising system infrastructure (hardware, software, and third parties) to ensure functionality and efficiency is as intended.

            Required Skills

            * 4+ years of experience working with .NET

            *Previous managerial experience- at least 2 years

            *Experience working with MS SQL Server and MySQL
            * 2+ years of experience working with  React ( or Angular, Vue.js, etc..)
            * 1+ years of experience working with HTML and CSS
            * 1+ years of experience working with a AWS cloud environment 
            * Experience with Git and linux-an advantage

            *Experience working in Agile/SCRUM – an advantage


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