Fibonatix Empowers European Cannabis Businesses to Expand into New Markets

June 15, 2023

Manchester UK, June 2023

Fibonatix, a leading provider of payment solutions, is delighted to announce its support for European merchants looking to capitalise on the growing opportunities in the cannabis industry. With the ongoing legalisation of the sale of Cannabis Seeds across new markets, Fibonatix is pleased to offer its cutting-edge payment services, enabling European businesses to expand into the USA, Canadian, and Thai markets.

This significant development comes as a result of the expanding legal frameworks surrounding cannabis sales, presenting European CBD businesses with a unique opportunity to strengthen their presence and drive revenue growth. By partnering with Fibonatix, these businesses can leverage the company’s expertise in payment solutions to seamlessly access and navigate these unexplored markets.

“We are happy to enable our payment services and solutions in new markets,” said Tal Miller, CEO of Fibonatix. “This development presents a great opportunity for European Cannabis businesses to tap into the immense potential of the USA, Canadian, and Thai markets. By providing them with our industry-leading payment solutions, we are dedicated to supporting their growth and success.”

European CBD businesses eager to explore the USA, Canadian, and Thai markets can now confidently partner with Fibonatix, knowing that they will receive comprehensive payment solutions, exceptional customer service, and the flexibility required to expand their operations successfully.

Fibonatix has established a solid reputation for delivering innovative payment solutions, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for merchants and their clients across various industries. With a focus on security, compliance, and seamless integration, Fibonatix remains committed to providing merchants with the necessary tools and expertise to maximise their potential in an ever-evolving marketplace.

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