At Fibonatix, we offer point-of-sale (POS) terminals and supporting solutions to suit any business or setup. Our end-to-end POS terminal solutions provide your customers with a smooth and secure purchase experience in-store. 

What to expect from our POS terminals

Having a POS terminal that’s reliable and easy to use is vital for providing seamless payment processing and a good customer experience at the checkout. Our POS solutions combine a contactless debit and credit card processing terminal with bespoke payment gateway services that connect your store to a worldwide clientele.

Key features and benefits of Fibonatix’s point-of-sale solutions

Here are just some of the great features and benefits you can expect from Fibonatix’s modern and convenient point-of-sale solutions:

  • Mobile Terminal
  • Accept Chip and Pin and Contactless Payments
  • PCI-DSS Compliant
  • Accept Major Payment Card Brands
  • Transaction Dashboard and Reports
  • Clear Pricing Model

Want to learn more about our POS terminal solutions?

If you’d like more information about our POS terminals and solutions or related payment services, browse our FAQs or speak to our expert team by filling out the contact form below.