Payment Gateway

Transaction Rebill

Having efficient rebilling capabilities within your payments process is important for merchants as it enables you to initiate recurring payments, rebill failed payments and create a seamless experience for customers. Rebill payments with ease with our advanced Rebill solution, which provides flexibility around how card details are stored and processed and gives you greater control over the purchasing process with the ability to adapt it to your business requirements.

  • Automated Billing System
  • Seamless Rebill Activation
  • All-in-One Transactions Dashboard
  • PCI-DSS Compliant

The Fibonatix payment gateway system, Paragon, offers advanced and automated rebill payments functionality that can be pre-defined and customised to suit your needs, ensuring seamless recurring billing and rebilling for failed payments to optimise conversions and revenue recovery. Paragon also provides real-time transaction reporting, data filtering and monitoring to track and analyse transactions and payment activity.