Payment Services

From consulting and business intelligence to risk management, Fibonatix has a wealth of knowledge in the world of payments. Our vast experience enables us to provide more than just tech solutions. We support our clients with a variety of additional payment services to enhance payment processing, improve performance and mitigate risk and compliance issues. Our payment services and support empowers your business growth.


Advanced Payment Gateway Services

Fibonatix provides merchants with a forward-thinking and user-friendly payment gateway solution, with advanced payment services, customisation capabilities and integrations with a wide range of platforms, eliminating the need to leave the system to find data.

Simple Fee Structure

We believe in transparency. Our simple fee structure and clear pricing model ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for with our payment services and why – there are no confusing terms or hidden costs in the fine print! 

Supportive Merchant Onboarding

We’ve created conditions, procedures and workflows that provide a stable, secure and seamless merchant onboarding experience to enable you to go live as quickly as possible, whatever your industry or business offering.