Advanced Payment Gateway Solutions for Merchants

At Fibonatix, we offer a range of payment gateway solutions to suit any business or setup. Our modern payment gateway system, Paragon, helps to empower business growth and enables merchants to provide customers with a seamless and secure purchase experience. 

Key payment gateway solutions Fibonatix offers

Paragon by Fibonatix

Fibonatix provides cost-effective and efficient payment processing for eCommerce businesses, subscription services and companies with an online and physical presence. We enable merchants to accept a variety of payment methods and integrate with different systems, whilst enjoying solutions like POS and virtual terminals, recurring billing and automated rebill features to streamline payment processes.

Explore our advanced payment gateway solutions below!


Card Processing

Our payment gateway solutions enable quick and easy debit and credit card payment processing, support the major card schemes’ mechanism (VISA and Mastercard) and accept leading card brands in worldwide markets. We empower your global growth in a secure and safe way, as our data protection policy is PCI DSS compliant, ensuring your customers’ card details are stored securely.


Virtual Terminal

Enable customers to make a MOTO (Manual Order, Telephone Order) transaction with our easy-to-use virtual terminal feature provided via our leading gateway system, Paragon. Our virtual terminal lets you accept payments from all leading card brands via mail or telephone orders. 

Pay by Link

Our seamless link generator enables you to generate a payable link to your customers in seconds and on the spot. Our Pay by Link service is operated from the main transaction back-office system, so you can track transactions and provide links to payments all in one place.


Recurring Billing

As part of Fibonatix’s payment gateway solutions, our advanced billing system allows you to set up recurring billing for your customers independently and in your preferred time period. This creates a frictionless payment process for providing subscription services and accepting ongoing payments.


Transaction Rebilling

Whether your business stores your customer’s card details (tokenization) or not, our payment gateway system enables you to initiate recurring billing and automated rebilling for failed payments with ease. This simple and flexible solution gives you greater control over how payment details are stored and processed, whilst boosting efficiency.

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What else can our payment gateway solutions do for you?

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