Build Your Ideal Payment Integration

Every business relies on a variety of services to function effectively, but these services need to integrate for optimal system and process efficiency. In addition to our core payment services, we also offer merchants additional solutions and support, creating a holistic, one-stop-shop payment solution experience. Our payment gateway integrations help organisations to grow, operate efficiently and serve their customers as best as possible.


Explore the payment gateway integrations we can offer your business below.

Fibonatix Offers a Variety of Gateway Integrations

  • Wix

    Create a website with a complete suite of advanced functionalities and bring your vision to life.

  • Magento

    For businesses and individuals who want to develop a long-term professional eCommerce site, you should think of Magento as a priority. Magento is the best open-source to build an online store.

  • Woocommerce

    No matter what success looks like for you, you can do it with Woo. Our open-source ecommerce platform helps merchants and developers build successful businesses for the long term.

  • CheckoutChamp

    Checkout Champ gives enormous power and functionality that allows anyone to add the features their e-commerce store is missing. Things like funnels, custom upsells, 4-way split tests, fulfillment and so much more.

  • Bridgerpay

    BridgerPay is the world’s first payment operations platform, built to automate ALL payment flows with a Lego-like interface, empowering ANY business to scale their payments, insights, and revenue with a codeless, unified, and agnostic software.

  • Praxis

    Praxis’ mission is to empower every online business to achieve sustainable growth through better online payment solutions.

  • Coriunder

    From a payment gateway to a Backend-As-A-Service provider (BAAS), we believe that with the right set of tools you can launch your PSP or Fintech startup faster.

  • CommDoo

    CommDoo is a full-service provider for all services related to the billing of services and goods on the Internet. These include the provision of payment systems and risk checks, processing and acquiring, sending invoices, checking incoming payments and chargebacks, accounts receivable management, debt collection and reporting.

  • Payneteasy

    Payneteasy only begins with a payment gateway. By white labeling the complete and customizable solution, you will instantly empower your payment business with technology that seizes business growth, from integration to reconciliation.

  • Konnektive

    Whether you have custom built websites or sales pages, or you are using website building tool and hosting service or both; Konnektive gives you the ability to centralize all of your business processes within the CRM.


    As an API-driven platform, eliminates the need for numerous plugins, skyrocketing your billing and order management capabilities and turning one-time transactions into recurring revenue.

  • Security Metrics

    Security Metrics is a company that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to help businesses achieve and maintain compliance with various industry regulations and standards, including PCI DSS compliance.

  • Prestashop

    PrestaShop is a popular open-source e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses to create and manage their online stores. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features and functionalities to help merchants set up, customize, and optimize their online stores.

KEY BENEFITS of our payment gateway integrations

Fibonatix’s payment gateway integrations enable merchants to streamline their systems and optimise their payment processes, creating a seamless customer payment experience. Explore the variety of benefits our payment gateway integrations have to offer below.

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