Fibonatix Payment Gateway Integrations

Every business relies on a variety of services to function effectively, but these services need to integrate for optimal system and process efficiency. In addition to our core payment services, we also offer merchants additional solutions and support, creating a holistic, one-stop-shop payment solution experience. Our payment gateway integrations help organisations to grow, operate efficiently and serve their customers as best as possible.


Explore the payment gateway integrations we can offer your business below.

What payment gateway integrations does Fibonatix offer?



Whether you prefer to design your own payment page, use a service provider or have it hosted by Fibonatix, our payment gateway integrations enable you to choose your preferred method. We support payment gateway integrations with leading cashier platforms to create a seamless purchasing experience for your customers.


Shopping Carts

The best shopping cart software provides a seamless online retail experience for customers, allowing them to order and pay for products directly from your website. A smooth purchasing experience improves customer satisfaction, increases conversions and encourages repeat business. We offer full payment gateway integrations to leading online shopping carts for a fast and frictionless payment process.



Businesses increasingly use CRMs to engage with customers more effectively and leverage personalisation. We understand the importance of a holistic data solution, so our payment gateway integrations work with top CRM platforms, enabling you to consolidate data and align teams and processes. Our CRM integrations help you to optimise your marketing strategy, increase workflow efficiency and enjoy greater data access and insights to drive better customer interactions.

KEY BENEFITS of our payment gateway integrations

Fibonatix’s payment gateway integrations enable merchants to streamline their systems and optimise their payment processes, creating a seamless customer payment experience. Explore the variety of benefits our payment gateway integrations have to offer below.

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