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Payment Solutions Driven By Perfection

Bespoke payment solutions to protect and grow your business

Fibonatix are global leaders in the delivery of online payment solutions. Whatever your business or industry sector, we are committed to maximising payment acceptance whilst eradicating risk, and strive to deliver added value for our merchant partners worldwide.

Reliable Risk Management

Bespoke risk management is at the heart of every Fibonatix payment solution.

Over the years we have built an unrivalled reputation for protecting merchants. Our S.M.A.R.T.™ system provides the protection and deep learning capability required to limit or even eradicate existing and future risk, mitigating the affect it has on your business.

Chargeback Reduction

Suffering from fraudulent traffic and fraud is not an option!  S.M.A.R.T™ actively predicts and prevents unnecessary chargebacks, limiting the damage to both profitability and reputation.

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Risk Management

Benefits of S.M.A.R.T.™ risk technology include:

  • Predictive risk management
  • Evaluation tools for dispute statistics
  • Advanced tracking mechanisms of risk exposure with real-time alerts
  • User-friendly, transparent reporting system guaranteed to convey all issues and measures taken
  • Ongoing communication and support with personal risk manager
  • Real time identification of fraudulent behavior
  • Fraudster database comparison checks
  • Block countries by origin of card or location
  • Limits on rejected payment attempts
  • Credit card negative database blocking
  • Connection to Ethoca fraud elimination
  • Control of 3-D and Non 3-D traffic

Furthermore, we place you at the centre of a team of sector specific risk management experts to provide the support you need to identify and eliminate threats to your business without jeopardising profitability or growth.