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Payment Solutions Driven By Perfection

Let us be the engine behind your global ambitions

An incredible product with insatiable demand, even at the right price point, is worthless without the perfect payment solution.

Simply put, we help build global brands

From simple e-commerce to more complex offerings, Fibonatix delivers bespoke solutions for each business case with merchants benefitting from a constantly evolving suite of tools, procedures, mechanisms and support.

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Simple yet flexible fee structures

Are you tired of complicated invoices, unexpected charges and hidden costs?

No lengthy contracts, complicated invoices or hidden costs. We base our client relationships on simplicity, transparency and above all, TRUST.

From the simplest online retailer to more complex high risk offerings, all our merchant partners can be sure of what they are paying right from the start.

Over the years we have based our relationships on openness and a will to always act in the best interests of our clients to create cost effective win-win scenarios that are mutually beneficial to all.

Innovative Customer Insights

Enjoy the benefits of one of the world’s leading transaction scoring systems. S.M.A.R.T.™  incorporates predictive modelling  with behavioural analysis and machine learning to enable you to spot trends, identify opportunities and drive your business forward in new and exciting ways.

A wealth of data, including different customer profiles and habits from numerous environments, is literally at your fingertips. Gain valuable insights to the questions that interest you, prevent fraud whilst accepting more genuine sales and instantly benchmark your performance against that of your competitors.

Data Insight

Increase sales – improve retention

  • Identify specific customer interests and spending habits
  • Customer targeting for marketing optimization
  • Grouping according to predefined rules for efficient and automated sales, marketing, and retention
  • Trend predictions for sales
  • Uncover suspicious activity to accelerate fraud prevention
  • Financial performance comparisons and reports
  • Customizable viewing and filtering of analytics
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