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Being able to receive payments is the lifeline of every business. You can have the best product or service in the world, the best marketing and salespeople, and loyal customers queuing outside your shop, but if they can’t pay, it’s all in vain.

What We Offer

At Fibonatix, we couple advanced payment solutions with a sincere desire to understand your business and offer customised solutions that meet your needs

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Our Services

Card Payment Services
Credit/debit cards are the leading non-cash payment method today. They are globally widespread, well known and commonly used for making purchases in stores, over the phone, and online.

Wire Transfers
Utilising a global network of banking partners, Fibonatix provides an online system for receiving and sending wire transfers to a variety of locations worldwide.

Alternative Payment Methods
APMs are any payment method used as an alternative to card payments. There are hundreds of different types of APMs that vary by geographical and demographical markets as well as by the product or service consumers buy.

Consulting and Support Services
Sometimes businesses just need a helping hand, a word of advice, or a helpful tip. Fibonatix provides a variety of payment-related consulting and support services, including payment-needs analysis, payment-array design, company formation, KYC and documentation requirements, settlement account opening, and others.

Our Key Benefits

Fast and Supportive Merchant Onboarding

We’ve created conditions, procedures, and workflows which provide a best-in-class experience for merchants to go live as quickly as possible per their industry.

Variety of
Payment Methods

We offer a wide range of local and global Card Payment, Alternative Payment Method (APM) and wire transfer solutions to ensure there is no loss of clientele due to inability to accept payment means.

Advanced Gateway Services

We provide merchants with a forward-thinking, user-friendly technological platform that provides merchants with full support for the most common features in the payment industry and eliminates the need to ever leave the system in search of information.

Risk Management

We use and provide our clients with a dynamic and constantly evolving suite of tools, procedures, and mechanisms, personally customised to each business case and designed to reduce and eliminate fraud, chargebacks, and other forms of risk with minimal impact on sales.

Business Intelligence and Consulting

Knowledge is power and those who do not learn from their own history or that of others like them are bound to repeat the same mistakes and gain no benefit from success. We enable merchants to gain access to data and provide them with the means and guidance with which to analyse it and develop conclusions and action plans to create sustainable and constant growth.

Merchant Support

Merchants are not expected to be experts in payments; we are. Part of providing a service is to provide answers. We always provide fast, useful, and, where necessary, localised answers.

Simple Fee Structure

We believe in transparency. Transparency is not just putting everything on the table for all to see; it’s also making sure our clients understand what they are paying and why and using the simplest fee structures and compensation models to eliminate any fine print.

Vertical Service Integration

Every business relies on variety of service providers in order to be able to function. In addition to our payment services, we aim to offer our clients any complementary services that make their experience with us that of a true ‘one-stop shop’.

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