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Payment Solutions Driven By Perfection

Payment solutions driven by perfection

Since 2010, Fibonatix has integrated over 12,000 customized payment solutions, each one designed to boost online revenues by maximizing transaction acceptance, managing risk, fighting fraud, and global expansion.

Our Mission is Simple:

To enable companies like yours to reach business goals and ambitions.

Our Success Formula

Our Success Formula

Don't Compromise

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But what makes us different from other payment services providers?

We  see you first, and we don't let you compromise.  Committed to solving your obstacles, challenges, and pain points, we are on your side, fighting  your battles every step of the way.  We do not stop until we're sure that every payment opportunity was given to your business, and that every legit transaction has turned to profit.  


Combine this with the most advanced PCI-DSS level 1 compliant technology and the most comprehensive range of payment options available, and you get a payment solution that is truly driven by perfection.

When it comes to delivering payments success, 99% right is always wrong.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that perfection is the only way for approaching payments.  If you've made a sale, then you deserve to get every cent of it.  It is our duty to make that happen.

Our History

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