Payment Gateway Success: Close up into the Fibonatix Partnership Experience

April 1, 2024

At Fibonatix, we’re always looking to better understand and strengthen referral partner relationships. That’s why we conducted an exclusive interview with S, a partner who’s been with us for two years. S’s company provides consultancy services to a diverse range of businesses, connecting them with suitable partners based on their specific needs. We dived into what has made our collaboration successful, and the mutual growth we’ve experienced. Explore our collaboration’s success stories in payment gateway and helping business grow with trusted payment solutions.

We invite you to read the interview to gain insights into what it’s like to partner with Fibonatix.

Please share a brief overview of your introduction to Fibonatix and what sparked your interest in partnering with us for payment solutions.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Fibonatix by some of my merchants. Learning that they welcomed a broad spectrum of businesses, which other payment processors might not, I seized the chance and began directing some of my clients their way.

What added value do you find in Fibonatix Payment Gateway Solutions compared to other companies?

Fibonatix stands out for several reasons. First, they offer commissions for the entire time a merchant is active, showing their commitment to long-term relationships. They also handle everything with high level of professionalism and knowledge that really makes a difference. Plus, they’re strict where it matters, security and compliance, but still flexible enough to work well with a variety of businesses. This mix of long-term benefits, expertise, and the right balance of strictness makes Fibonatix a valuable partner, different from others in the field.

How has our partnership contributed to your business growth in terms of lead generation and client acquisition?

Fibonatix willingness to work with merchants who don’t fit the usual criteria has really helped us. Their understanding of different business models and their ability to see value, where others may not have, allowed us to support a wider variety of businesses which contributed to our growth.

How would you describe the communication and support received from Fibonatix throughout our partnership?

Throughout our partnership, the communication and support from Fibonatix have been excellent. Talking with the Business Unit has always been easy, open, and transparent. They’re just as welcoming and helpful to our existing merchants as they are with new ones in the onboarding process. Our account manager is always ready to help at any time. This kind of support has really made a difference, making our partnership smooth and successful.

How seamless have your customers found the integration of Fibonatix’s payment processing solutions?

When using Fibonatix’s back office, our clients haven’t faced any issues. Additionally, the creation of an online group by Fibonatix for addressing potential questions has proved to be incredibly helpful. This setup has allowed quick and accessible responses, ensuring any questions or concerns are addressed efficiently. This level of support and the ease of integration have greatly contributed to a positive experience for our clients.

Fibonatix client’s dashboard enables a close monitoring of clients’ performance. How does this feature support your operations?

Fibonatix’s dashboard helps our business by letting us review our clients’ activities anytime we need to. This is a big step up from some partners who only send us reports. Being able to check in on things ourselves means we can understand and manage our work better. It keeps everything transparent and helps us make smart decisions to support our clients more effectively.

Why do you trust Fibonatix?

The biggest reason we trust Fibonatix comes down to the people there. They’re reliable, honest, and very open, which makes everything smoother. Being able to talk easily and always knowing where you stand is what really makes us feel confident in working with them. It’s this personal touch that really builds our trust.

How would you describe in 3 words your partnership with Fibonatix?

Honesty, Meticulous, Relationship.

Wrapping up our chat with S really highlights what we’re all about at Fibonatix. It’s been amazing to see how our teamwork and shared goals have led to real success.  We’re inspired to keep up this approach, helping even more businesses find their path in the payment world.