Every cryptocurrency broker can benefit from professional partnerships

December 27, 2017

Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency grabbing people’s attention. The market is enormous, with new digital currencies appearing on a regular basis. Recently, digital currency IOTA added over $12billion to its value by partnering with some of the biggest names in tech.

The team behind IOTA recently announced a partnership with Microsoft and Samsung to work on a “data marketplace”. The announcement saw a 90% spike in interest in the digital currency in early December 2017, with its price soaring to “an all-time high of $5.55” at one point (and climbing).

That may not sound like much, but it’s music to the ears of the average cryptocurrency broker and investors who are looking for ways to back digital currencies without spending tens of thousands on a single bitcoin. IOTA’s rise also underlines how so many people across the world – from individuals to tech giants – are embracing the opportunities cryptocurrency has to offer.

How to attract more clients as a cryptocurrency broker

The social change of the view of cryptocurrency has been incredible to see. That companies the size of Microsoft and Samsung are backing it as part of their professional operations can only help to widen the acceptance of digital currencies across personal and professional sectors.

It’s fair to assume that very few people may have heard of IOTA before they partnered with two of the world’s largest tech providers. There’s every possibility now that the cryptocurrency could become as prominent as bitcoin. For those in the know, it’s of little surprise; different digital currency creators have been working hard to build strategic partnerships with other tech giants to help their currency explode in value.

That these companies are receptive to the possibilities offered by cryptocurrency again highlights its growing social acceptance and flies in the face of predictions that digital currencies are dust in the wind. Digital currency is no longer a niche market; rather a viable alternative investment opportunity.

Those who invested in bitcoin early enough for instance and have kept the faith have returns beyond their wildest expectations. Expect to see people clamouring toward IOTA and other digital opportunities while their prices are still relatively low.

The growing reputation of digital currencies

Tech companies aren’t the only ones looking to partner with digital currency. The Bank of Canada is interested in dipping its toes into the digital currency market, while the Bank of America has recently won a patent for a crypto exchange system.

Again, all this is positive news for the market and underlines how ingrained in mainstream society cryptocurrency is becoming. It represents an incredible opportunity for crypto brokers to work alongside specific industries and attract investors as the benefits of digital currency become more well-known, and to boost their business.

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