Fibonatix to offer gaming companies better payment solutions at EIG

September 19, 2017

SMEs in the gaming sector looking to grow and find better payment solutions to enhance their growth will be able to come and talk to the Fibonatix team at EiG 2017 in Berlin.

A large proportion of the iGaming ecosystem is expected to attend the event, being held at the Arena Berlin from rom Monday 30th October to Wednesday 1st November. We’ll also be there and are looking forward to helping iGaming companies, casino operators, betting shops, gaming start-ups and more find better payment solutions that complement the way they work and boost growth.

One of the biggest barriers gaming companies face when looking to reach the next stage of their growth is complex payment solutions that make it hard to expand and even harder to hold onto the customers that matter to them most.

Fibonatix can help by providing better payment solutions

The online space, for instance, and the way that audiences digest their media through tablets and smartphones means that some gaming SMEs feel pressured to introduce complex payment solutions that may benefit the customer, but not necessarily the overall business.

Many integrate payment solutions such as PayPal, for instance. Though having PayPal on-site can help to keep customers interested thanks to its simple ways of completing a transaction, its payment charges of 3.5% can hit smaller gaming companies hard and slow growth.

At the same time, merchants abroad often complain that payment solutions such as PayPal have trouble understanding international trade and wider markets. Though PayPal is an incredibly popular online presence, it’s not the be-all and end-all for those in the gaming sector looking to grow.

There are other payment solutions out there that will work with you and are as dedicated to your growth as you are. Fibonatix, for instance, only has a 1.5% rate when it comes to payment charges and has vast knowledge of the international landscape when it comes to matters like rules, regulations and meeting compliance in often complex industries like the gaming sector.

Fibonatix offers a bespoke approach to payment solutions

Those aren’t the only areas that Fibonatix can help SMEs in the gaming sector expand. Our holistic and bespoke approach also allows us to:

1: Help you adapt to industry changes

More and more traffic is moving from physical betting shops to online gaming services, affecting both start-ups and established brands. There’s a lot of competition out there; we’ll work with you to better streamline your internal and external financial practices to deliver industry-leading, innovative financial solutions that benefit both you and your customers.

2: Meet industry compliance

There are a wealth of incredibly tight data regulations surrounding the gaming industry. We will take the weight off your shoulders with 24-hour support, helping you to get compliant and taking the sting out of enormous sets of legislation and contracts, allowing you time to work on growing your business and building better customer relations.

3: Nurturing and improving relationships

As well as you acting as the face of the company and directing operations, we will work with you to target, attract and nurture the best clients for you by identifying the payment solutions your market is using and discovering software specifically designed to prevent fraud and increase revenue.

Fibonatix will also provide you with a dedicated account manager that’s personal and understands you and where you want your business to go. We hope to see you at EiG 2017!

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