Merchant’s Guide to Chargeback Management

August 7, 2022

The subject of chargebacks is one of the most talked-about debates in the payments space. Consumers actioning chargebacks is an unavoidable reality that merchants must deal with, but if not managed properly, chargebacks can be challenging, time-consuming and costly.

The right path to effectively managing chargebacks within your organisation.

Originally introduced as a consumer protection tool with good intentions, the ease of the chargeback process completion has led to widespread abuse of the mechanism. Although merchants can’t avoid or eliminate chargebacks, they can take measures to mitigate, reduce and manage them to ensure they don’t cause significant damage to the business. 

What to expect from our Merchant’s Guide to Chargeback Management?

  • Know the main participants involved
  • The common reasons consumers make chargebacks and gain a better understanding of the chargeback process
  • How to monitor for fraudulent activity
  • Recommendations for mitigating the impact of chargebacks
  • What’s involved in the dispute process

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