Transform your payments with Fibonatix and Bridgerpay

Bridgerpay is a smart payment tool that uses AI technology to help you make better decisions in real-time. By analysing all the available processing data, it gives you useful advice on how to boost your revenue. 

You can process transactions across different providers and countries, increasing your chances of successful conversions. The platform comes with a cashier and admin portal that is customisable, giving you full control of transaction routing. Plus, the Bridger Button lets you create multiple revenue channels by adding a payment button to any website page.

Fibonatix and Bridgerpay integration

The Fibonatix and Bridgerpay cooperation allows merchants to add Fibonatix’s payment services and solutions through the convenient and flexible Bridgerpay platform, with an easy and simple integration process that gives your business the flexibility it needs.


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