Fibonatix and Checkout Champ have formed a partnership to offer their clients the opportunity to take their eCommerce stores to new heights with revolutionary technology.

Designed to provide the flexibility for businesses to grow and operate without any limitations, clients will no longer be restricted to confined spaces in the market thanks to this innovative partnership.

Checkout Champ: The ideal partner for Fibonatix clients

Enjoy a range of benefits that go beyond optimising payment processing.

  • Whether or not you choose to use the integrated payment solutions, Checkout Champ will not charge any fees.
  • Their platform is entirely customised for all your checkout, subscription billing and upsell requirements.

Your all-in-one business platform

As a customisable payment and subscription billing system with a range of powerful features, clients will see multiple benefits from Checkout Champ:

  • Boost conversions, AOV and LTV, while also reducing operational costs.

  • Use the drag-and-drop builder for your members’ area, store checkout and sales pages, and enjoy the simple A/B-testing optimisation – no coding is required!

  • Receive global support for 100+ currencies, with dynamic currency conversion and PCI DSS Level 1 security certification.

  • Use the comprehensive data suite, with smart analytics all controlled from one central dashboard.

  • Integrations with 500+ third party platforms and services.

Achieve outstanding results today

Combine marketing, web presence, payments, logistics and customer care into one platform, with Checkout Champ!

  • 10% increase in average order value
  • 99.99% uptime

Checkout Champ’s Quick & Simple Migration Process

Checkout Champ’s client success team works tirelessly to increase sales and profits and has already onboarded over 100k stores.

Every new Checkout Champ client will receive their own personal Client Success Manager to streamline the migration process and provide ongoing support.


To hear more about our cooperation with Checkout Champ or to join our payment processing solutions contact us below.