A Sense of Responsibility for the Client’s Money

March 29, 2021

This is the third in a series of posts and interviews featuring business owners who count on Fibonatix to power their businesses.

When the time came for S. to move on from one business and launch his second one—this time a consultancy—he didn’t have to shop around for a PSP: Fibonatix was his first call.

Recalling his first meeting with Fibonatix back in 2013, S. remembers that the level of professionalism stood out immediately. “There’s something to be said about sitting down with someone who knows the answer to every question you ask, who is able to provide detailed answers and information.”

Fibonatix Testimonial

That professionalism and level of knowledge, he says, has been reflected in all the interactions that he’s had with Fibonatix over the years. It starts from the very beginning, as early as the onboarding process: “I’ve been through the onboarding process with other PSPs, but at Fibonatix, I found it to be much clearer, much more organized. They walked us through every step of it, explaining what to include and what not to include, what’s missing, and so on.”

At Fibonatix, S. and his team have always been able to count on a dedicated account manager, who takes the initiative to reach out periodically and touch base, without waiting for a problem to arise. And while the account managers have changed over the years, they’ve all displayed that same service-oriented professionalism S. encountered in the CEO all those years back.

Fast-forward to the end of 2017 when S. and his partner were preparing to launch their new immigration business. What really made the choice of Fibonatix a no-brainer, S. says, is the palpable sense of responsibility that Fibonatix takes for its clients’ money—the security and confidence he feels with his company’s money in Fibonatix’s hands.

Fibonatix Security Related Testimonial

S. remembers encountering an issue with another PSP that resulted in his company’s money being in “limbo” for a few days and putting the company’s cash flow at risk. “With Fibonatix, I know I’ll never get any sort of ‘out-of-the-blue’ request. That gives me a sense of security.”

S. attributes the ability to grow the company to over 80 employees in just a couple of years to successful management of the company’s cash flow and finances, thanks to its partnership with Fibonatix.

And even as circumstances within the company and in the financial world at large have changed, that confidence in Fibonatix’s ability and its sense of responsibility hasn’t faltered. “I know that Fibonatix will defend and protect our business and help us make sure that we’re on the right path. And with Fibonatix, I’ve encountered unmatched risk management, something that’s rare among other PSPs. I will always choose Fibonatix as my main PSP.”

*For privacy, names have been changed