Fibonatix Website Redesign: Keeping Up with the Evolution of Payments

October 13, 2021

As the digital landscape changes and technological advancements drive new consumer demands and buying behaviours, payment service providers need to modernise to meet these new demands and expectations. Fibonatix has adapted in recent years to keep up with the evolution of payments and we felt the time was right to redesign our website to better represent the company we’ve become. Find out what’s changed!

What to expect from the new Fibonatix website

We’re excited to roll out our new-look website, including brand new pages dedicated to our full range of solutions and services and a library of resources where we share our experience and know-how to help merchants navigate the complex world of payments. 

Every business is unique and has different customer demands, which is why we provide flexible payment solutions. Our new solutions and services pages highlight the importance of having the right support and technology that’s customisable to match your specific needs.

Head over to the new Fibonatix website or delve into our Resource Center.

From payments consultants to payment service providers

With over a decade of experience as payments consultants, offering advice and support to merchants to help them tackle key challenges with payments and meet regulatory obligations, Fibonatix has evolved to become a payment service provider with a difference. In addition to a cutting-edge payment gateway system, we provide bespoke payment solutions, risk management support and business intelligence.

The new Fibonatix website aims to demonstrate the full scope of our payments offering and our unique approach. Explore our payment processing solutions and supporting services.

Fibonatix’s vision for supporting and empowering merchant growth

Sadly, a large majority of businesses fail – usually in the first few years. Too many merchants don’t get the right level of support. Businesses need guidance from payment service providers to effectively manage payment processing and regulatory compliance, especially considering the rapid evolution of payments, accelerated by FinTech innovation. 

We believe that every business deserves a real chance to succeed. Fibonatix is committed to supporting merchants at any stage of their journey. We help start-ups enter the market and enable ambitious businesses to grow and thrive. Our flexible approach enables us to match you with the right payment solutions to meet your key requirements. We take the time to understand your operating model, rather than making assumptions about potential risks. 

Fibonatix strives to provide the best possible solutions for merchants to meet their customer needs and empower their growth. Learn more about Fibonatix and our team.

Fibonatix Website Redesign: Evolution of Payments | Fibonatix Team

The evolution of payments is here – ensure you don’t get left behind

The FinTech space is fast-tracking the evolution of payments as consumers demand a seamless payments experience. So, merchants need to adapt to new demands and keep up with regulatory changes. Would you like to discover how Fibonatix can help you to modernise your payment process? Get in touch with our team or browse our range of payment solutions.


Fibonatix is a leading global payment service provider offering businesses flexible payments processing solutions and supporting services. We empower businesses with our cutting-edge payment gateway system and dedicated support to overcome key challenges, such as risk management and regulatory compliance. We are FCA regulated and 3D Secure V2 authorised. And we have offices in the UK, Germany and Israel. Contact our team to discuss a potential project or partnership.